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Unicode to 4Cgandhi Font converters tool is used to convert Unicode to 4Cgandhi Legacy and to convert the 4Cgandhi legacy font to Unicode. Hindi Font Converter Online allows you to convert multiple fonts including Devli and Chanakya fonts.

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This is the fastest way to change the Hindi font. Legacy fonts are used in all types of publishing work, including magazines and newspapers. Our online font converter can convert your Unicode font to legacy and legacy font to Unicode very fast. Scroll down and click on the font converter tool you want.

If you want to change any other font like Kriti Dev to Mangal, and Unicode to Krutidev, ISM font converter, or Unicode to Chanakya then I am giving two links here Unicode to Legacy text converter and Legacy to Unicode text converter. If our Unicode to 4Cgandhi Text Converter Tool helped you, then you should share this tool with others so that they can also benefit from it.

What is Unicode and Non Unicode Font, what is the difference between them?

There are thousands of fonts for different languages in the computer. But all these fonts are of two types. Some computer fonts are Unicode fonts while some fonts are non-Unicode fonts.

For example, Krutidev and Mangal Font are usually used to do Hindi typing in the computer. Hindi typing can be done in the computer system using both these types of fonts. But if we talk about Krutidev Font then it is a Non - Unicode Font while Mangal Font is a Unicode Font.

But in this situation new users who want to learn Hindi Typing in computer have to face a lot of trouble. They get confused in the matter that for typing in the computer  Use a non-Unicode font or it is better to use a Unicode font.

That is why in this post I have tried my best to answer all these questions. In this post I wrote "What is Non-Unicode Font and Unicode Font? What is the difference between Non-Unicode and Unicode Font?" Tried to share complete information on the topic.

What is a Non-Unicode font?

The computer understands only binary digits (0,1), which are called bits. The first ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) Encoding System was created so that English language letters, symbols, symbols could be displayed and typed in the computer. In ASCII Encoding, the characters of a language are encoded in a special seven-bit integer.

ASCII Encoding Basically English is based on alphabet only. In this, 128 characters of the English language, in which all the letters, symbols, symbols of the English language were encoded in seven-bit integers. Each letter, symbol, symbol was encoded in a special binary digit.

Now since 128 characters of the English language were encoded in binary digit, through which ASCII Encoding in the computer can be easily displayed, printed, printed English language letters, symbols, symbols.

But now typing in English on the computer became very easy. But how to do typing in computer in any other language? Efforts had started for this. Later, to do computer typing in other popular languages, such computer fonts of that language were created which could work according to ASCII Encoding. These types of fonts are called Non Unicode Fonts.

Non-Unicode fonts are also ASCII encoding. These computer font bits are standard.

It is very important to understand how non-Unicode fonts work. So let's get information about it first.

After installing the non-Unicode font of a language in the computer, computer typing can be done in that language.

In our computer, English is set as the main language and typing in English using keyboard is very easy. But if we want to do Hindi typing in the computer, then for that we have to install Hindi Fonts in the computer.

Now suppose I have installed Krutidev Hindi Font in my computer which is a non-Unicode font. Now I can type Hindi by going to any computer software like MS Word and selecting Krutidev Font. Now I will see Hindi letters in MS Word.

But when I will share this MS Word document with any other person through email or any other medium, whose computer does not have Krutidev Non-Unicode Font installed, then in this MS-Word document in his computer, instead of Hindi alphabets, English characters. will appear.